A big classroom with single benches separated by some distance, definitely in a regular order. First exam of 12th class board, nervous students waiting waiting for the question paper. Among them was a confident girl sitting right in the middle of the classroom, a little anxious about the exam but more distracted about something else. She looked at a boy sitting some two rows apart, who was gazing at high eucalyptus trees and their waving leaves outside the window. It started a month back.

Though they had been in the same school, and in the same class in fact, they first really talked on 26th January of the same year. Text messages, obviously, “digital age”. And during the period when they were texting every evening before the final examination and attending class, not once did they talked in the classroom. May be fear of being seen together, or may be shyness whatever it was. And it was that instant, maybe, in the classroom, where she fell for him.

Things changed a few months later, both of them were in different cities, “higher education”, you know. It gas been almost eight months now, they have developed into best friends, sharing all their fears and secrets, happiness and disappointments. Then came the first wave, one day the boy met with a girl in his town. They came closer and they were somewhere in the romantic sphere.

As for our girl, she was completely smitten by him. That “pure” form of love she had- all his happiness and nothing hers. Though there were confessions and conflicts, but their friendship seemed unbreakable. Basically, at that point the boy was was involved with both of them. Eventually, it became unbearable for our girl and she decided to leave, but she couldn’t. Why? Because unfortunately,  it was the same day when the boy came to know that he was being cheated. She sensed a ray of hope and stayed.

Some particulars about the girl now, she has been bought up in a happy environment, very positive and practical, with a edge of darkness- with a belief that whomever she wants to stay, would go. A little obsessive and clingy, one might say. Well this may explain the story above. More or less idealistic, and less or more crazy. She got closed to the boy at a time when she was in a desperate need of a friend, with whom she could talk, share, be happy.

And now continuing with the above story. A few months later the boy shifted somewhere near the girl’s town, as was the destiny. She stayed,as it was stated, but never peacefully. He never accepted her or her love. Sometimes, there was problem of his academic performances and sometimes his distrust with women, due to the past. Still she stayed, collecting hope from somewhere. And he kept trying to get away – stating there was no love. But still he was there somehow, she felt. And once, when she got a little hesitant and tried avoiding him. He drunk dialed. And stated all the things she had always wanted to hear. About a deep love. About various reasons on why it wasn’t possible and about how much he wanted it to happen. Such happiness right? But some days latter he snapped. Stating nothing of it as true and he didn’t meant any of it. Brutal, is the word. And they survived this as well. She survived.

They remained friends and a little more again. She thought, may be little steps would make a difference. She took it slowly. And one day, it happened that they met for a few hours. She cried in the train. He didn’t. He didn’t call for a while. And he again snapped. And this time it was severe. He again drunk dialed. And this time it was about how there are “0%” chances of them being together. And how there was no understanding between them  and how a girl he met in an internship had an “understanding”  with him. It was the final wave. All this time she waited because he never mentioned any other girl and this time he did. And with it, it was declared that there were so many other things she didn’t know. And this time she left. Exactly, 3 years 9 month after the first time they texted,



Venturing classic movies and appreciating them. Come, join me in the journey!

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