Tammy & The Bachelor (1957)

This is my first movie review, hence pardon me for the armature writing. I’ll get better with each movie for sure.

Tammy, a cheerful girl, who lives alone in a countryside with her grandpa, and hasn’t seen much of the “real” world and its ways. That innocence, charm and curiosity is very well displayed throughout the movie which can be totally credited to the fabulous screen presence of late Debbie Reynolds. Her clothing is neat and pretty and goes really well with her body language.Needless to say she is the protagonist of the plot and beautifully so. The character is a fascinating mix of wisdom and naivety of young woman. Also, there has to be a mention about her will to explore more about love and the openness she has to welcome a man in her life, which I think comes naturally to women after the across a age, doesn’t matter if they are secluded from the world or are very much around it.

Peter, who plays the interest of Tammy is lovely to watch on screen and gives out a nice character of a man who is discovering himself – professionally and personally. Though, the performance felt a little under cooked, it did match with the light and easy flowing script. All the other roles in the movie have their special places and strong characters and all of them have been used brilliantly to make the story funny and appealing. Here grandpa, whose presence is for a short while, needs a special mention as he delightfully conveys his wish for her grand daughter to experience new things around and is also a little worried about the same.

Although, the story is too happy to be real but does teaches us to take things lightly in life. Here, everything just comes to place like in a jig – saw puzzle with not very sharp edges of the pieces. But such movies have an interesting characteristic to deal with serious issues on subliminal level – by conveying the storms inside the characters on the surface level. The editing is sharp and does not drag the viewer at all. The set up and backgrounds though quite raw don’t seem to be too old and distant for a half a century old film. It still does makes sense technically – surviving the test of time.

It basically gives out a message of how an untouched air can be so fragrant and breath giving.

Obviously bearable and a classic treat for fairy tale lovers from the 1950s!



Venturing classic movies and appreciating them. Come, join me in the journey!

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