Pather Panchali (1955)

#Satyajit #Pather Panchali


Wow, I seem to be incompetent to even talk about it.

Okay, so we’ll start with making a fact clear that there is no complex story line attached to it. It was my first movie of the Satyjit Ray, and it really hit me. If I ever decide to be associated with film making, this would be like an encyclopedia for me. How the background music add up to the meaning of a scene and prepare the audience for something traumatic, delightful or important is amazing. Also, it beautifully teaches how a scene is just not about people talking or reacting, but with it, also about the minute things – like a strong wind, grey clouds, lightening, angles and so much.

Now about the plot and characters. So it is a family drama, and what I get the moral is that one’s karma follow him/her very diligently. And sometimes it can be really brutal. The mothers character is integral and the actress has beautifully conveyed a a person who is frustrated with many things, and give up to anger quite easily. However, a loving and caring mother peak through the window now and then. The grandmother is sweet and adorable. The story give us few beautiful moments of the sweet relation between a granny and a grand daughter, which melt hearts. The father clearly comes out as a person who is calm, composed, loving and deeply worried about many things. He seems cheerful at the exterior, but you can see there is a lot of storm inside.

Now talking about the leading lady, her character is a bit overwhelming to put to words. Just beautiful. How a young girl see things, how she expresses her love to her brother and how she is old enough to understand wedding but not that much to resist a rasgulla vendor. It has been beautifully expressed that she cares for her grandmother and is a little adventurous and curious. You can see she thinks and wonders, and a lot. I can easily relate to her, actually I thought I knew someone like her around me (it is so relatable).

It is the most natural looking cinema I have see so far. And I am sure, there have been a lot of hard work put into making this – obviously including the acting skills. I am amazed.



Venturing classic movies and appreciating them. Come, join me in the journey!

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